Thursday, October 22, 2020

Magic Cloths of Power

 This year has been one not to be imagined: uncontained forest fires, hurricanes and floods and contentious politics.  As if that were not enough to dismay one's soul, we are hit with the worst medical disaster in modern times.  Not just us here, but everywhere!!  The morbidity and mortality rates continue to be staggering.  But I don't have to remind anyone, we are all too aware.  But what if I told you of a magical, powerful textile, that when worn might help to prevent the spread of this plague to you and your family?

Why, given past hyped products, it would sell out in mere minutes, only to reappear on Ebay at outrageous prices, so that only the very rich could afford its protection. Think about it.  A small piece of ordinary cloth covering our nose and mouth when out in public.  Readily available at many stores and, of course on the internet , it can also be made in minutes right at home with ordinary supplies.  A very small inconvenience , the rewards  may be life-saving. Of course, I am writing about facial coverings: masks, bandanas, scarves.  Never in the history of textiles has a bit of cloth held such importance.

I pray you are safe, staying at home when you can and wearing you magic cloth when out in public.