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Young Brides, Old Treasures:
Macedonian Embroidered Dress

International Folk Art Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico

In the Cotsen Gallery, Neutrogena Wing through January 6, 2013
Until the mid-twentieth century, Macedonian women wove, embroidered, and wore magnificent ensembles of dress that indicated to a knowing eye what village and region they came from and where they were in the cycle of life. From puberty through betrothal, marriage, child bearing, and old age, dress changed to reflect status change. Historic ensembles, no longer made but preserved in the museum, also illustrate the tumultuous political history of the region; pan-Slavic, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences can be seen in embroidered motifs, materials, garments, and jewelry. The outstanding collection the Museum has dates primarily from 1890 to 1920 with some later pieces from the 1950s. On display will be 27 mannequins in multi-layered ensembles as well as individual garments and pieces of jewelry belonging to Museum of International Folk Art; the Collection was made completed with a recent, large donation from the Macedonian Arts Council so that it is today the largest and most comprehensive museum collection in the United States. The exhibition will accompanied by a catalog of the same name, and closes January 6, 2013.

January 19 - March 24, 2012
Quilts for Presidents

New England Quilt Museum, Lowell MA.

The “silly season” of national campaigning is upon us. Join us for an exhibit highlighting the unique role that textiles have played in our national politics. Until women in the United States won the right to vote in the 20th century, their political influence was expressed through their male family members, or through letter writing, peripheral political involvement or needlework. Campaigns have used textiles to promote their candidates since the early 19th century. Put these two factors together and something novel happens: either quilts are created from campaign textiles or patterns are altered to honor a president or a political party.

Campaigns and Commemoratives highlights four centuries of political textiles used in quilts to support the campaigns of everyone from President Washington to President Obama. Included are Washington’s Plume, medallion quilts showcasing presidential handkerchiefs, donkeys, elephants and even some political satire. Enjoy this fascinating look at everything that is both serious and fun about our national political game.

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