Sunday, November 23, 2014

Giving Thanks


“Over the River and Through the Wood to Grandmother’s House We Go”
     The New England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day
      Lyrics by Lydia Maria Child, 1844

This is supposedly the busiest travel time in the US, but few of us will be relying on transport by a horse-drawn sleigh through the snow.  Snow, we have.  The so-called polar vortex has frozen the country and dumped feet of early snow.  Most travelers will rely upon cars, buses, trains and planes.  This holiday is known for food, family/friends and football, as well as being the traditional start of the Christmas holiday season.  I remember, as a child, the department stores didn’t display Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, after all Santa didn’t arrived at Macy’s until the Thanksgiving Day parade.  Nowadays the boughs are hung in big box stores in late summer and the gift catalogs arrive in October.

I have been consoled by many TV and media ads which feature the true meaning of this holiday, that of giving thanks.  It shouldn’t take a special day set aside for this activity, actually we all should set aside a minute or two each day to express our gratitude or perform a simple act of kindness, or be thoughtful and polite.

                                                                    Gobble, Gobble

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