Sunday, January 11, 2015

Virginia Lee Burton of Folley Cove Designers

Folley Cove Revisited

Several years ago I wrote about a mid-19thC American cooperative, Folley Cove Designers from Cape Ann, Ma. ( 5/25/12)

Recently I received correspondence from Christine Lundberg, an independent film producer.  Christine has produced a documentary on Virginia Lee Burton, her life and career, Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place. Virginia (Jennie) Lee Burton is well known as an author and illustrator of children’s books.  In fact, she was one of the first to use high quality artist techniques to illustrate her stories, which have been read and loved by generations of children and their parents.

Virginia was also the founder of a group of artists, Folley Cove Designers who produced the most incredibly designed textiles ( and later other products featuring their designs).

Now, Christine is preparing to produce another film, this time on the Folley Cove artists and the history of their cooperative.  If any readers have relevant information regarding Folley Cove and the artists perhaps you could communicate with Christine.  I am sure she would be most interested in your contributions and comments on the subject.

Christine Lundberg, Red Dory Productions

Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place was produced by Red Dory Productions, Gloucester MA in partnership with Searchlight Films, Bernardston MA.  It has been aired on PBS, so check with your local PBS station to inquire about possible re-airing schedules.  You can also obtain more information of Virginia Lee Burton by visiting www.virginialessburtonthe

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