Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Spring Holiday

A Spring Holiday

Easter usually signals the beginning of spring for many of us.  Flowers begin to bloom and the grass becomes greener.  Baby animals and birds appear, and heavy, winter clothes are replaced with pastel, lightweight attire.  When I was small, Easter also meant flowery hats and a corsage for my mother.

I reviewed my blogs of the past 3 years for textile images to share again and to celebrate spring.

Bunnies and lambs

            3 early 20th C embroideries, 1930's

Embroidery on a pre-patterned feedsack.  Note the ink from the sack of navy beans was indelible.

Easter baskets

Petite crochet baskets

Candies for your Easter basket

These are the incredible ribbon creations of textile artist 
Candace Kling 
Threads Magazine, Tauton Press, 1991

These are my humble creations.

Spring is a renewal, so plant your gardens, take good care of our earth and enjoy the bounties of nature wherever you are.

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