Friday, January 8, 2016

The Year -15

The Year – 15

We are one week into the new year,2016.  I came upon several facts about textile history occurring in the years –15.

On March 21,2015 The Textile Museum, Washington D.C., moved into their new home on the campus of George Washington University.  See my blog, “At Last- New Textile Museum “, 4/15/15.  
You can access their schedule of events for the coming year at

In 1915 Estelle Lester Laverne was born.  Estelle established Laverne Originals, later, Laverne International.  She was a pioneer in integrating applied design in textiles with the fines arts.

In 1815 Lowell established a mill in Waltham, MA, later to become ( in Lowell MA) one of America’s largest textile manufacturing sites and a model for US industrialization.  See my blog “The Lowell Experiment”, 8/30/15.

In 1515 the first nationalized factories for tapestry weaving opened in France.

In 1315 the Lyons silk industry was developed by Italian immigrants.

In 715 wool dyeing was established in Rome.

To view textiles from the past, a collection of  vintage magazines is helpful ( and inexpensive to purchase from flea markets, thrift shops and vintage book stores).  

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