Friday, August 28, 2020

Therese de Dillmont

 Therese de Dillmont  (Oct. 10, 1846 - May 22, 1890) 


She was an outstanding needleworker and embroiderer with over 100 books attributed to her and her niece on the subject. She attended an embroidery school founded by Empress Marie-Theresa as a young woman, having been educated in Vienna.  She established her own embroidery studio with her sister, Franzisha and later moved to Paris where she wrote "Encycolpedie des ouvarages des damas" (Encyclopedia of Needlework) which featured thousands of textile designs from many countries, including China Turkey, Bulgaria and translated into 17 languages.

Embroidery on Lacis or Net Canvas as worked with D-M-C Persian silk  (soie de Perse)

Applique Embroidery on Damask Ground, worked with D_M_C Persian silk (Soie de Perse)


In 1878 she met Jean Dollfus-Meig at the Universal Exposition.  Recognizing her importance and the potential contribution she would bring to his company, DMC , manufacturer of fine threads and yarns, he invited to tour his factory in Mulhouse.  She then moved to the neighboring town of Dornach, establishing a school of needlework, cooperating with DMC in 1884.  With Dillmont's assistance DMC became known for their publications with clear instructions and illustrations. Even following her death in 1890 DMC continued to publish books under her name.

DMC is offering on their website free copies of Dillmont's designs.

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