Friday, November 9, 2012

Shade Pulls and Snowflakes

When I am asked what type of textiles are my personal favorites I have to admit that I love(and collect) small examples of hand work.  Crochet and tatted doilies, bits of patchwork and lace of all kinds. Actually my very, very favorite textile would be a 19thC Central Asian silk velvet ikat coat. But that , of course is out of the question.  What is well within my budget, and most other textile enthusiasts, are the bits and pieces .  They tell a much larger story than their size.  I am always amazed at the intricacy of the designs and the patience and time required to produce these little gems.  No matter if done by a proficient needle worker or a school girl in her first sewing class, these speak of loving intent and even the most unsophisticated (and often crude) attempt is a worthy treasure to be added to my collection.

Years ago small crochet and tatted pieces were very popular additions to the household.  Doilies of all sizes, from coaster size to placemats filled dining room drawers.  Small sachets filled with lavender hung in closets and needlework pulls adorned window shades.  These same shade pulls were often used as bookmarks and small ornaments, key fobs for armoires. I liken them to snowflakes because no two are exactly the same even though the patterns may be similar.  That is the beauty of handwork.

 crochet and tatted shade pulls

 shade pulls, curtain tie backs

small crochet doll shade pulls or ornaments

my shade pull snowflake wreath

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