Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blog Review 2012

Blog Review

With the end of the year I want to review several of 2012 blogs.  

April 13th Knitting and Crochet Work

   In this discussion I introduced Bernice Pearl and Ethel Trujillo 2 fellow volunteers at the Southside Branch of the Santa Fe Public Library.  These two ladies and their “sewing  circles” produce hats, afghans, scarves and shawls which are donated to the needy, not only in Santa Fe but throughout New Mexico and as far as Guatemala and China.  This year alone Bernice knitted nearly 1000 warm, colorful hats for anyone who needed or (as frequently happened) requested one.  Ethel and her colleagues have supplied newborn hats and afghans and prayer shawls, numbering in the hundreds of hand crochet articles.
I asked anyone who had yarn to donate to please do so and the response was very much appreciated.  However, the need for yarn is ongoing as is their dedication.  If you are able to help you can contact me at

July 6th Molas
At the TSA Biennial this Sept (Sept 28th blog) I met a most delightful woman, Diana Marks, from Sydney, Australia who had just finished her PhD thesis on, you guessed it..Molas!! She presented a most interesting paper on the political implications in the history of Mola production by the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama.
I just got a holiday greeting from Diana and she graduated with her doctorate degree on Dec. 12th..  What a great Christmas gift!!
If you have an interest in Mola textiles, I suggest you contact her at .

August 10th  Colcha Embroidery
There was a question posted regarding the motifs used by Santa Fe Colcherias regarding the prevalent use of floral designs.  According to Nina Wood, who was featured in the blog, Santa Feans are usually traditional (although some do create their own designs).  This tradition of florals came, of course, from the Spanish who had  historic connections with the Arab influence of the Ottoman Empire.  Stylized flowers dominated their art, and hence, can be seen in these elaborate embroideries.

  September 9th    Pirate Flags

   I had just posted this blog before attending TSA and you can image my delight at meeting ,at a session, a member who carried a crochet tote bag with a skull and crossbones design.  Needless to say this unique accessory created quite an interest.  Carol Ventura of Baxter, Tennessee has a business creating crochet patterns.  Carol’s work can be seen at

December 7th  Tenerrife lace

   Yesterday I met with friends to see a fantastic antique shop, Pegasus, way up in the Santa Fe hills…Way up!!! The day was bright and sunny and the view of the snowy mountains gave reason to why anyone would want to climb that dirt road.  The collection was nearly overwhelming with every type of antique and collectible imaginable.  Naturally I headed straight for the textiles.  Baskets of hankies and crochet work, bins of buttons and trims, drawers of lace.  There I found, right on top, this lovely Tenerrife doily.  I keep saying there are vintage textiles available, reasonably priced, you just have to look.

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