Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Shopping

OK, don’t hate me but I am finished with my holiday shopping!!! Of course I still have decorating and baking to do, cards to address, and a Post-Christmas Open House to plan but I enjoy all that.  I enjoy shopping too. No, I love shopping but I hate rushing around and then there is always that one person on the list who makes gift-giving an impossible mission.  Either he/she has everything (30 sets of salt and pepper shakers) or is a true minimalist who will probably re-gift anything they receive.  So I shop all year, especially when we travel.  To redeem myself let me give you a few suggestions in the event you are not finished with your gift list.

Naturally I’m talking textiles, especially vintage.  Look for anything monogrammed.  A set of initialed napkins for your god-daughter who just got married, an initialed pillow case with handmade crochet trim can become a sham cover for the bed, monogrammed hand towels for the guest bath. 

In the true spirit of the season, look for holiday linens.  If you are very lucky you may find a tablecloth from the 1940’s and 50’s.  Even if you find one with imperfections ( too many gravy stains) you can always use the good bits for placemats or napkin

Did you buy your mother-in-law a purse?  How about adding a Christmas handkerchief?

There are always lots of mats and doilies around.  Give one with a plate of cookies.

Look for vintage lace or crochet ornaments ( see my blog  Shadepulls and snowflakes Nov. 9th  ) and include them as a bookmark for that latest best seller.

Bobbin lace ornament

Short on time? Hit the nearest holiday craft fair.  They sprout up this time of year in nearly every school, church and community center.  They usually have an impressive array of unique, handmade items including small stocking stuffer ornaments.

So don’t stress!  Visit your nearest thrift store, consignment shop and school auditorium.

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