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Valentine's Day - Flowers and Candy

Valentine’s Day - Flowers and Candy

Think of a Valentine’s Day card:  all lacey, beribboned and beaded.  Those Victorians loved, loved, loved anything lavishly embellished.  Actually, the French have a word for these trimmings: PASSEMENTERIE.

Since there is nothing I love more than a box of trim and lace scraps with a few buttons and beads thrown in (I could spend hours sorting and separating and imagining beautiful creations I would make) it should come as no surprise that I greatly admire fiber artist, Candace Kling.  For more than 25 years Kling has created the most fanciful, lavish and imaginative fashion accessories from ribbon.   A graduate of California College of Arts and Crafts, she had also studied at Parson’s School of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute.

Her fascination with vintage ribbon creations has led to a well known career in ribbonwork, creating fantasy out of folded, runched, quilled and gathered ribbons.  She does not rely solely on the 19thC creations and their techniques, but constantly reinvents her medium into what may be seen as sculpture.

 This is a very lovely instructional book on ribbonwork.  The illustrations are easy to understand and follow.  The photography is well done, glorious floral sprays adorn nearly every page.  There are also historic references to those needleworkers working in ateliers who first produced these beautiful embellishments.
The Arful Ribbon, Candace Kling, C&T Publishing, 1996

Candace was featured in this volume from Threads Magazine.  The cover shows her ribbon candy creations, while an article on her studio shows many of her fantastical headdresses.
Stitchery and Needle Lace, Threads Magazine, Taunton Press, 1991

Here are some of my attempts at her needle style.

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