Friday, May 10, 2013

May baskets and Flowers - Crochet novelties

 May Baskets and Flowers - Crochet Novelties

The history of giving May Baskets goes back times of celebrating the coming of spring.  Baskets were hand made paper cones filled with small flowers such as lily-of-the-valley or violets and given to adults and children, neighbors and loved ones.  Today I share with you some crochet baskets perfect for May Day giving.

During the mid-20thC crochet-work took a turn from the practical to the imaginative.  Homemakers delighted in inviting guests for luncheons and evening card games.  As there were few home d├ęcor stores and outlets available from which to purchase accessories that declared good taste, women turned to their needle - crafts to create novelty items, that today, we look at with a smile.  Frilly aprons were a must, as were potholders, tea and egg cozies, glass jackets, animals and flowers, baskets and bowls.  These all were displayed upon the dozens of doilies and mats that already adorned every tabletop and coffee table.  Today you can find, at a very reasonable price, many of these novelties.  Most were crochet, using the latest in yarns in pastels and variegated, rainbow hues, metallic threads and even rattan.  Something for every taste!  Frequently, the finished crochet work was stiffened, using a starch solution, so that the basket or bowl was somewhat functional

Small crochet baskets filled with small paper flowers

A bouquet of crochet carnations 

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